Selena Gomez Says Her Favorite Latina Performer is Paulina Rubio

Selena Gomez may be named for one amazing Latin artist, but another one tops her list for favorite Latin performer.

"Paulina Rubio," she told "She is so beautiful, and I actually have some of her music, I don’t understand what she says but I’m like: 'This is great!'"

When asked whether she'll be performing any of her songs in Spanish on her tour, the singer revealed: "I’ve [recorded in Spanish] with all my records so we probably will do one of my songs in Spanish because we like to do that. We did that for South America one time, so yeah we probably will do something fun, I think so. It’s a great way to communicate and music is a universal language."

And although the singer doesn't speak Spanish fluently, she does understand some. "A little bit yes. I can understand it, I can understand a whole conversation it would just be hard for me to piece the response back."

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