Selena Gomez’s Special Bond With Her Mami

We can't say we were all that surprised when Selena Gomez's mom Mandy Teefey stepped in and took control of the whirlwind of media events and appearances (not to mention dates with Justin Bieber) that have taken over her daughter's life! The teen queen has bounced back beautifully from a health scare a few weeks ago and is full force promoting her film Monte Carlo, opening nationwide this Friday, July 1st, and her new album When the Sun Goes Down.

Steal Selena Gomez's 'Monte Carlo' Style

It seems that the theme of the film hits home for Selena. In the movie, she plays a teenager who gets to go on her dream trip to Paris, France with her bestfriend and her brand new sister-in-law, who is basically her polar opposite. In a recent interview with E! News, Selena talked about growing up in a divorced family and how it felt when her own mother remarried. "I just think it's really common nowadays, that you grow up in a single-parent household," Selena said about the film. "I grew up like that, and I was fine. My dad was still in my life, so it was good. I love that there's that message in the movie."

"Being able to be married into a family, which is so common, and having people you don't know like stepsisters and stepbrothers, and getting past the awkward stage. I think it was nice that we touched on that," Selena mused about the message of Monte Carlo.

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Selena is hands down one of the hardest working gals in showbiz, but at home, Teefey goes out of the way to keep things as normal as possible. "She's very protective so she makes sure everything is going smoothly for me," Selena says, "Even though I'm really surrounded by a great team, I need my mom."

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Although the starlet just turned 18, she still lives with her parents and has to abide by their rules. "I still have curfews. I still have rules. There are certain parties that I can't go to or certain events that I can't go to, because they're a little bit older," Gomez says without a hint of regret. "Certain red carpets I have to go to, my mom will come with me and I won't go to the after party, because it's like Vodka promoting it and there's going to be stuff there."

And at home, it is definitely not business as usual. "We're very normal," Selena dished about her family life. "When we're home, we're not attached to business."

We only wish every celeb who grew up in the limelight had such a vigilant and grounded mami! Selena is one lucky gal.