Selena Gomez on Dating Justin Bieber: "Then I got my heart broken and I cared"

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is opening up once again about her relationship with Justin Bieber

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The starlet spoke to magazine about how she felt when she first started dating the "Sorry" singer and being given the couple name: Jelena. These two lived their lives in the spotlight when they got together. They were the couple for the millennial! 

"At first I didn’t care,” she said. "To me it was: I’m 18, I have a boyfriend, we look cute together, we like that."

Gomez and Bieber dated for three-years and took the world by storm for all the right and wrong reasons. Finally Gomez reached her breaking point and ended things with Bieber for good or at least that's what she was thinking. 

"Then I got my heart broken and I cared. Because people had no idea what was going on, but everywhere it was a million different things. I was kind of in a corner, banging my head against the wall. I didn’t know where to go," she said.

The 23-year-old also revealed that although she remains friendly with Bieber the two just aren't meant to be together. 

"I’m so exhausted," Gomez said. “I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.”

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It sounds like Gomez has finally closed the Jelena chapter and is ready to move forward!