Selena Gomez Storms Off Stage, Drops F-Bomb

Good girl gone...bad?


Selena Gomez shocked audiences on December 6 when she stormed off stage at the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles.


According to the Huffington Post, the 21-year-old singer was performing at the Staples Center when she began experiencing problems with her sound. In response, she was reportedly heard saying “What the F----?” and stormed off stage in exasperation before finishing her lineup. 


“Sorry, the sound isn’t working!” Gomez told the crowd, “Are you guys having a good night? I promise, a lot cooler people are gonna come out tonight.” 


Former Victorious star Ariana Grande also experienced sound troubles on her set at the concert, addressing the problem more gracefully than Gomez. She apologized to the crowd, and reportedly said, “I’m sorry the mix was off the entire time. At least you know I’m not tracked.”


Some believe that the statement was a dig at Gomez.


Grande refuted the claims, tweeting to her followers: “I was just cracking a joke cause my mic was off. Everyone had tech difficulties. Sorry if it was taken the wrong way it wasn’t my intention!”


Watch the video of Selena’s on-stage mishap. 

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