Selena Gomez: "I Had a Heart Attack" When I Met Salma Hayek

Selena Gomez must be getting used to the Hollywood life by now—after all, she has a hit show and movie, an upcoming album, she's dating a Jonas Brother and even has to deny it to the tabloids. But the Disney Channel ingenue still gets starstruck in Tinseltown, especially when she finds herself around her idols.

"I was actually having a heart attack not too long ago because I got to visit Salma Hayek at her office," the starlet reveals to MTV's Blogamole. "I was so excited to meet her because when I was younger, my family, and my dad in particular, loved Salma. He always thought she was beautiful and even had a poster of her. I was like a little kid when I saw was so exciting."

We really can't blame Selena for geeking out around Salma, since we would probably (no, definitely) be just as tongue-tied. But we are wondering, what were Selena and Salma meeting about? A possible guest appearance on Ugly Betty? Or maybe a new show for Selena under Salma's Ventanazul production banner? We definitely think a collaboration of some kind is brewing between these chicas—we just hope Salma didn't just need a babysitter for little Valentina...