Selena Gomez on her Former Best Friend: "We Actually have Nothing in Common"

Is Selena Gomez finally breaking her silence about the rumor that she and her longtime BFF, Demi Lovato are no longer friends?

In a recent interview with Sugar magazine—which features Selena on the cover this month—the Wizards of Waverly Place star tells the mag about a former best friend of hers who she used to have stuff in common with, but not anymore.

“When I was younger, being ‘best friends’ was very commercial,” Selena tells the mag. “It’s all about best friend necklaces and you both think that you have to be exactly the same. Eventually you realize, ‘Oh, I’m my own person. We actually have nothing in common,.' "

Given that Selena and Demi are no longer as close as they used to be (they went from being inseparable to never being seen together in public again), it’s easy assume that Selena is talking about Demi. Yet we somehow doubt that Gomez would blast her former friend in that way. After all, Selena has refused to talk about Demi in all interviews since Demi checked into rehab for physical and emotional issues in November. And last summer, when we asked Selena if she and Demi were still friends, she answered with a simple, “Yes.”

Still, Selena told us it’s heartbreaking when friendships end. “It’s really hard. It’s the worst feeling. For me, it’s worse than a breakup, because boys come and go in your life, but a friend is for life.” She took a deep breath: “But everything happens for a reason. That’s just what I keep telling myself. There’s a reason things happen.”