Is Selena Gomez Having the Best Week Ever?

Selena Gomez has been everywhere the last couple of weeks, pulling double duty promoting her new album When the Sun Goes Down and her film Monte Carlo, but her recent performance and interview on Live with Regis & Kelly was beyond adorable so we had to take note. Gomez performed her latest hit single "Who Says" and sat for a quick interview with the hosts, and it didn't take long before Regis was all in her business asking about Bieber.

Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez

When pushed on whether or not she wanted to duet with Justin, Selena responded, “I don’t know. I guess...Maybe, if it happens.”

But that doesn't mean that she isn't passionate about her new relationship. Want proof? Well, the young pop star recently admitted that the second single off of her album "Bang, Bang, Bang" was about her own personal life. She even said she tweaked some of the lyrics so that they better reflected her real life experiences. Guess that answers our question about whether or not the song was about Nick Jonas and the Biebs!

LISTEN: Is Selena Gomez's New Single About Justin Bieber & Nick Jonas?

Another guy Selena has had her eye on for years is Shia Labeouf, as a matter of fact back in 2008 little Selenita (then 16-years old) told us that he was her big-time celebrity crush. Now, three years later, she finally got a chance to meet him— and guess what? Celebs are just like us, well, at least sometimes. Check her freaking out upon meeting the Transformers 3 star (and be afraid Justin, be very afraid):

Selena Gomez Loves Bad Boys