Selena Gomez is Growing Up! Stars in New Movie 'Getaway'

Selena Gomez is definitely growing up! The 20-year-old former Disney star has slowly been stripping away her little girl image by involving herself in more serious and mature projects, like her latest film Spring Breakers and upcoming flick Getaway.

Getaway, an action thriller where Selena will star opposite of Ethan Hawke, is based around Selena's character "The Kid" and Ethan's character "Brent Magna."

Brent and The Kid are battling against time to stop a kidnapper from killing Brent’s kidnapped wife. Brent is a former race-car driver who has to use his skills in order to ensure his wife's survival. The Kid becomes involved in the problem when she tries to carjack Brent’s Mustang and winds up racing around with him.

Selena recently shared what it was like to work with Ethan on Getaway. “It was awesome! Ethan was incredible. He just would tell me stories about the previous projects that he’s been a part of. He was like, ‘Oh, I remember when I was your age and I was doing this and this.’ It was great! It was cool to have that," she said. "I remember writing down so many notes and things that he would say because he was really supportive and obviously amazingly talented. It was really fun."