Selena Gomez Designs T-Shirts for a Cause

Selena Gomez wears her heart on her sleeve--and then bedazzles it with glitter, rhinestones and drawings butterflies. That's the essence of the tween star's new T-shirt line from Palomita Clothing, aimed at teen girls. The shirts are scrawled with some of Selena's favorite sayings, like "Believe in Yourself," "Love Always" and "Dream Out Loud."

Proceeds from the T-shirts sold on the Palomita website will benefit the Palomita Education Fund, a fund set to award scholarships to assist Latino students in completing their undergraduate college education. “It was a rewarding experience to design a t-shirt for the Palomita Education foundation which is dedicated to improving the lives of Latinos through education”, said Selena. “It is great to be part of such a wonderful charity.”

So, not only is she young, beautiful, successful and talented, but Selena's also got a big heart to boot. She's so sweet, it's giving us a toothache.