Selena Gomez Goes to Rehab in Support of Demi Lovato


Are Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato back to being BFFs? It looks that way!

Gomez, 21, joined Lovato during a visit to a sober living home recently as moral support, TMZ reports. These homes are used by recovering addicts, and serve as an interim environment between rehab and their former lives.

The website also reports that Lovato, also 21, lived in the living home for more than a year during her recovery. She recently took a trip back to the home to speak at a support group.

The X Factor judge went to speak for about an hour and reportedly shared some very personal experiences from her recovery. 

And who was there to offer moral support? Gomez, who's been her best friend since the pair was 7-years-old. 

On Dec. 10th, Gomez posted an adorable Instagram shot of her with her best friend. Both Lovato and Gomez were sporting winter hats and coats, and the caption displayed an Emoji Christmas Tree and smiley face. Lovato responded on Twitter, telling her BFF how much she loved her. 

Although there have been rumors that the best friends had a falling out, it seems that they're closer than ever. Demi is lucky to have such a great girl watching her back!