Here's How Selena Gomez is Apparently Involved in the #Brangelina Divorce

Here's How Selena Gomez is Apparently Involved in the #Brangelina Divorce
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Selena Gomez is being dragged into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s recent divorce announcement.

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Back in January, the singer posted an Instagram photo of herself and Pitt chatting at a Golden Globes after party. The two became friendly after co-starring in The Big Short together. “Oh just discussing #TheBigShort,” Gomez captioned the photo.

Shortly after posting the photo, E! News asked what she was asking the A-list actor. "It was funny because I had met him a few years ago and I was kind of telling him how I geeked out about it and then obviously we were talking about The Big Short and how he thought it was really cool and his kids loved it," she explained. In the movie, Gomez’s cameo role set out to explain Synthetic Collaterized Debt Obligations – something that she admitted to Pitt she knew nothing about. "It was good for me to learn what was happening with our economic system," she continued.

Despite the innocent Instagram, more recent reports are saying that Pitt’s soon-to-be ex-wife Angelina Jolie became “enraged” after she saw the photo. Could it be the two stars’ closeness? Their flirty body language? Or, neither of the two, and Jolie has things to worry about than an friendly picture from January. 

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This isn’t the first time Gomez has been in the middle of couple drama, though. In May, she was rumored to be hooking up with Orlando Bloom while he was dating Katy Perry.