Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas Dating?

Selena Gomez may have just won the first round in the Battle of the Tween Queens. The multi-talented 16-year-old is reportedly dating Miley Cyrus's ex, fellow Disney star Nick Jonas.

"All I can think about is the picture," Rolling Stone deputy editor Jason Gay writes in his cover story on the Jonas Brothers. "What could it possibly be? Why would the Disney handler want to delete it? Was it Nick making out with a girl?"

Not quite making out, but close enough (especially in the G-rated world of Disney). Writes Gay, "later that night, I'm finally able to see the photograph. It's a picture of Nick, Joe, Kevin and yes, a beautiful young brunette in a scarlet-red top. Nick has his arm around the girl's back, and the girl's arm is wrapped around his. Her name is Selena Gomez, she's Demi Lovato's best friend and a big new Disney star. The genuine affection in the photo is obvious..."

Perez Hilton is adding his own flames to the fire by reporting that Selena has been spotted at several Jonas Brothers concerts over the past few weeks, and appears in their video for "Burnin' Up" as Nick's love interest.

The evidence on this one seems a little weak so we're gonna hold off coming up with a cute couple name for Nick and Selena (though we are keeping Selenick and Jomez on reserve), but considering this rumor started from a somewhat credible source, we'll be keeping our eye on these two.