'Saturday Night Live' Fails Latinas Again With Stereotypical Skit

Lena Dunham and Cecily Strong in a jewelry party skit on SNL

Seriously, Saturday Night Live?

For years, Latinos have demanded the show cast a Hispanic comedian. For years, SNL has ignored the complaints. 

Now, the sketch comedy show is taking it one step further, actively making fun of Latinas in a new skit called "Jewelry Party" featuring Lena Dunham from Girls. 

In the skit, Cecily Strong, who is NOT Latina, plays into the worst kind of stereotypes as a ditzy, ignorant Venezuelan woman with an over-the-top accent and enormous red flower in her hair.  Her boyfriend is a 'mens rights activist', and she seems blissfully unaware of his completely mysoginistic attitude. Then, she dumps him not because he's a terrible person, but because she hates his body (she misses those muscular men who can pick her up!) and his apartment. I'm sorry...but what? 

Latino Rebels wrote, "We have no words. There is funny and then there is offensively lame, once again proving that SNL lacks any comedic knowledge of what it is to be a Latino in the United States."

Do better, SNL. Latinas are not all politically-ignorant, ditzy sexpots. It's just not true, and it's just not funny.  Here's a suggestion: cast someone who's actually Latina. They can bring a fresh perspective to your show...and inject some humor that's respectful and relatable (and actually funny.) 

Watch the clip below. What are your thoughts?