Yes! Sara Ramirez Grills ABC About Not-So-Funny Bisexual Joke

Sara Ramirez Grills ABC on Twitter About Bisexual Joke

Sara Ramirez isn't afraid to check her former network on their biphobia and erasure.

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The former Grey's Anatomy star took to Twitter on Thursday to call out ABC for airing an insensitive joke in reference to bisexuality on its Tuesday night comedy series The Real O'Neals. The line, which was delivered by openly gay character Kenny O'Neal said being bisexual was in the same realm as having "webbed toes" or "money problems."

Ramirez retweeted a petition calling on the network to end biphobia and bierasure on the show. 

The creator of the petition noted that the show's executive producer, Dan Savage, is "openly biphobic as well as cissexist, sexist, anti-asexual, classist, racist, sizeist and ableist."

She also took the time to put in her own opinion out there as well.


Finally, she ended with a study by the Human Rights Campaign about bi youth facing greater challenges than their gay and lesbian counterparts.

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As always, we're soooo here for Ramirez standing up for what's right and holding Hollywood accountable. Keep doing you, boo!