Salma on Valentina: "Everything She Does Melts My Heart"

Salma Hayek has finally found true love—sorry, Francois Henri-Pinault, but it doesn't look like you (or your billions of dollars) are the ones that make her go gaga. These days, the new mom seems only to have eyes for her daughter Valentina: "She sticks her tongue out, she claps at everything," Salma gushed. "From day one, she's been smiling and laughing. She's a very happy baby. Everything she does melts my heart."

In fact, Salmita claims she never needs a break from her little one. "I was with her right before we came," she told reporters at the Women in Film awards, where she was honored. "I was in the car telling my partner, I know it’s been ten minutes, but I miss her already."

Umm, that's all very sweet but how weird is it that Salma refers to Francois as her partner? He's not your lesbian lover, Salma. It's okay to call him your boyfriend. Or, even better, your fiancè.