Salma Hayek Steps Out with Ex-Fiance...Again

Is Salma Hayek trying to play games with us? The actress has been spotted with her ex-fiancé Francois Henri Pinault more frequently since they broke up in July, than when they were a couple. After trysts in LA and France last month, the pair reunited for a daytime date—this time, without their daughter Valentina Paloma—at a soccer game in Francois's hometown of Rennes, France.

"They were very together," one fan who sat near the couple told People. "They talked a lot during the match and exchanged tender looks...they seemed very much in synch with each other."

Um, that doesn't exactly seem like a "tender look" on Salma's face. Are these two just trying for the sake of their daughter, or is Salma taking her role as a bearded lady into her personal life? We can't be mad at her if she is. The man is a billionaire and has access to the best fashion in the world. Just sayin', Salma, might not be such a bad setup for you...