Salma Hayek Speaks Out on Latino Stereotypes

Salma Hayek was honored by Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute last week, where she spoke out about the government shutdown and Latino stereotypes. 

“Every time you come to D.C., it’s intense,” she told the Washington Post. “If you come during a government shutdown, it’s a little more intense.”

After being honored at the dinner, she dedicated her award to immigrants who have “risked their lives in order to search for a brighter future,” to Hispanic women, “especially single mothers,” and to Dreamers, who “are the true inspiration for all of us.”

The Mexican actress also spoke about the one thing she would change when it came to Latino stereotypes and immigration reform.

“If I could change one thing, it’s for people not to look at us as if we have come to this country to take, because we have come to this country and built this country in many ways,” she said of Latino immigrants. “I wonder if [critics of reform efforts] would be willing to pay for the price of what the food would cost if we all left.”

Interesante! What do you think of Salma's remark? Do you think it holds true?