Salma Hayek: "I Barely Had Any Recollection of What It's Like to Be a Mexican Woman"

Salma Hayek looks gorgeous on the cover of Germany's Vogue, but her interview has caused quite some confusion. In the interview, Salma discusses her role as a Mexican cartel queen in Oliver Stone's movie Savages, but told the magazine that while filming she didn't feel a connection to her past in Mexico, reports the Huffington Post.

"I am proud to have been involved in this film with all these great actors," she told Vogue Deutsch (as printed in German). "Honestly, I hardly had any memories of what it is to be Mexican. My life is completely different now."

Another translation had the quote as, "I'm very proud of my involvement in that film, with all those great actors. Honestly, I barely had any recollection of what it's like to be a Mexican woman. My life is now completely different." 

Whichever one it is, the sentiment seems to be the same. 

Some bloggers took to the internet to vent their frustrations at the interview and star, including the Hispanic blog Guanabee: "What did Salma mean by basically saying she forgot what it's like to be a Mexican woman? That she's too French and rich for our blood?" (Salma is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault.)

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