Salma Hayek Angers Mexicans By Singing U.S. National Anthem

Apparently, it ruffled some feathers with Mexican daily El Informador, which published an article titled: “Salma sings the U.S. national anthem better than the Mexican one.” According to the Huffington Post, the caption of a photo in the article read: “The Mexican actress Salma Hayek appears to easily forget her homeland.”

Really? We think that’s a bit dramatic. We need to remember that it’s been years since Hayek lived in Mexico. She has a French husband, and splits her time between France and the U.S. It’s probably been a really long time since she’s sung. How many of us sing the U.S. National Anthem often (if you’re not an elementary school teacher)? The actress has expressed time and time again her pride in being Mexican.

“I have never denied my background or my culture,” the actress said in a statement last year after a quote she had said in German Vogue was lost in translation.