Salma Hayek: Her 5 Best Commercials

Whether it’s movies, endorsements or commercial ads, Salma Hayek knows exactly how to get our attention! We are counting down five of the Mexican star's best commercials because - well, why not? Let us know which is your favorite!

1. Salma Hayek Got Milk Commercial

Back in February, Hayek began advocating for The Breakfast Project and starring in print and commercial ads for the infamous “Got Milk?” campaign. One of our favorite commercials features the Mexican actress going on a frantic midnight run for milk. She’s even willing to hit up a cow farm for the real good stuff to go along with her morning cereal! Hilarious.

2. Salma Hayek Burger King Commercial

Whether you are a Whopper fan or not, the 45-year-old leaves some fans salivating while ordering a proper salad in this Burger King commercial. We love that Hayek pokes fun at her bombshell image along with other stereotypes, but we kind of wish she would have ordered a greasy burger and fries instead. Fire it up Salma!

3. Salma Hayek Campari Commercial

Who didn’t want to sip a little Campari on ice after this commercial featuring the Frida star hit the tubes back in 2009? The ad embodied pure glamor – especially with all of that diamond jewelry. We are literally blinded by all that bling…

4. Salma Hayek Avon Commercial

What can’t this beautiful actress sell? We love Hayek’s Avon fragrance commercial for Today, which inspires women to love themselves and prove it with a few spritzes for the world to adore. We imagine it smelling like soft babies and fresh cute roses…she’s just that good!

5. Salma Hayek Burger Boy Commercial

Before Hayek was a big movie star, she was getting her cheeseburger and fries on in the Mexican commercial for Burger Boy back in 1988. The ad was all about convincing costumers to take their abuelitas to the fast food joint. Not sure if that was a success, but Hayek's 80's getup sure is pretty convincing!