Salma and Sami Hayek Sued for Fraud

Seems not every business venture Salma Hayek touches turns to gold. Alejandro Arridas, a former business partner of Salma and her brother Sami Hayek, his filed suit against the celebrity siblings after the trio lost money on a joint investment.

Arridas claims Sami, "has been guilty of fraud, mismanagement, and/or abuse of authority," and is asking a judge to dissolve the company.

Sami's attorney, Bob Weiss, reacted with the following statement: "It was an investment deal that was no good for anyone, and we'll fight the lawsuit vigorously."

Salma herself has less than a 1 percent stake in the company.

Looks like Salma's caught in the middle between Sami and his business partner, and will perhaps be called upon to pick up the tab for the legal bills. Guess you can't be too careful who you go into business with—even if they're family!