Is Ryan Lochte the New Hugh Hefner?

Seems Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is trying Hugh Hefner’s robe on for size. Lochte made his debut dressed as the famous playboy for a new Nissan ad, reports Mashable.

The Cuban-American swimmer is tied to six dating-themed ads for Nissan Sentra. This particular ad shows Lochte in a satin maroon and black robe worn over his – you guessed it – speedo.

The athlete has definitely been enjoying the spotlight as of late, with stints on Extra, E! News, 90210 and even 30 Rock.  He’s also been seen living the celebrity life with parties in Vegas and New York. And with a reality show in talks and fashion line coming out, he certainly seems to handle attention well!

Check out the video below and let us know: Does he give Hugh a run for his money?