'Step Up: Revolution' Star Ryan Guzman on Love & Dating: "I Am Very Single"

Are you seeing Step Up: Revolution this Friday? We chatted with Ryan Guzman, star of the movie, to find out about his character, preparing for the role and what he looks for in a woman.  

In the movie, you play a dancer named Sean. What’s he like and are you anything like your character?

“He’s very loving and opening, but at the same time he’s not a big talker. Sometimes he’ll come out of his shell. But for the most part he believes that actions speak louder than words, and I think that’s a lot like me. We’re not alike (in that) I worry about my clothing more than Sean. Sean doesn’t like to wear shirts.”

You mentioned before that you’re not into using a stunt man. How do you prepare physically before you film? 

“I like doing things that keep me active, so dancing kept me very physically fit for the film the whole time. I did MMA [mixed martial arts], so that’s what I used to keep my body in shape.” 

What made you want to be an actor?

“I’m always trying to reinvent myself. I’m always trying to do something new and different, and I think I found (that) with acting because it’s an ever-changing industry.”

What do you love doing when you have downtime?

“It’s a mixture of things. I like to stay artistic. So, I always like to draw or write. Or you know, I’ll do MMA training because that’s kind of like my first love and passion.”

And what kind of music are you really into?

“I’m a hip-hop kind of guy, but to be honest with you I could listen to R&B all day. Give me some slow jams and I’m a happy person.” 

We have to ask it: are you single or dating? 

“I am very single.”

What’s your biggest turn on? What are you attracted to?

“Physically? If you’ve got really beautiful eyes, you have me in a trance right from the beginning. As far as personality, I’m attracted to really shy girls. Someone who knows who they are and is very genuine. That is just so sexy to me.” 

How has your culture influenced your success and your career?

“I take so much pride in representing (my culture) and (that’s) why I have so much fun in Miami. In Miami there’s a Latin flavor and I just love every bit of it. After hearing (my family’s) stories, it’s just an inspiration that I have to do that much more and work that much harder (to) separate myself from the pack.”

How has your family reacted to all the success? 

“They’re just happy I’m not fighting anymore! They were like: ‘You need to stop getting your face beaten for money – that’s just not fun for us to watch.’ So it was one of the best things in the world to tell them that their son was a lead in a movie. It was one of the first times I saw my dad tear up a bit. My mom lost it and my brother fell out his chair. If I could replay that day over and over again, I would. Just to see their faces was worth it.”

Check out Step Up: Revolution in theaters Friday, July 27!