Ryan Guzman's Exclusive Interview Outtakes

It comes as no surprise that Ryan Guzman, who was a mixed martial arts fighter and model before landing his first role in Step Up: Revolution, has all the right moves. Check out his "Hot Guys" issue interview outtakes. (Warning: prepare to swoon).

1. Hot Guys: Ryan Guzman 1

On getting the role of a dancer:

“It [just] kind of happened. I mean I had rhythm, that Latin side, that rhythm. But I think fighting helped me out with dancing because you’re aware of your body. You know what your body can do and what it’s capable of. The biggest challenge was [making] that leap from being that guy with rhythm to a professional dancer.”

2. Hot Guys: Ryan Guzman 2

On getting to do his own dancing:

“I do all my own dance moves. I didn’t want a body double. The initial thing was that they were going to cast a guy and they were just going to double him for the dancing sequence. I’m a very competitive person, so I wanted to be in the movie as much as possible and help it as much as I possibly could. They had a three-week training period in Miami where the movie was shot to learn all the combos and choreography and I just decided I was going to jump into it. After [the producers and director] saw what I did, they were like ‘Well, we don’t need a dance double for him.’ So everything in the movie is very authentic.”

3. Hot Guys: Ryan Guzman 3

On growing up around music:

“My family on the Mexican side is really big. Anytime we have a gathering, it always turns into a big dance, fast. It was more Latin music, so it was kind of more movement in the hips and the legs. I think I fell in love with that ‘cause that’s how I was raised. And then it evolved into what it is now. Now I have a new love for dance after doing the movie.”

4. Hot Guys: Ryan Guzman 4

On his idea of a good time:

“Just a bunch of friends joking, laughing, having a good time. I have these events every time a UFC fight is on. I always invite my friends. My favorite fighter is Anderson Silva.”

5. Hot Guys: Ryan Guzman 5

On college and life plans:

“I would say I was jock. [Laughs] I went to Sierra College. I was a big baseball player. Getting into the MLB was my dream – to become a left-handed pitcher for the Yankees. That’s what I was hoping, but life kind of went the other way. After hurting my arm and getting surgery, I [had to] venture out and do other things.”

6. Hot Guys: Ryan Guzman 6

On his future:

“I’ve kind of joked that every year I’m doing something new. Three years ago I was playing baseball, two years ago I was a fighter, a year ago I’m a model and now I’m an actor. Next year, I’m going to be a director [Laughs.] I don’t know! But I’m always about changing. That’s what I love about acting. There’s never a set role. You can be a firefighter, you can be a baseball player, you can be whatever you want in the acting word. I think I’ve found my calling.”