Daily Chisme: Ryan Gosling Jealous of Eva Mendes' Ex-Boyfriend?

Happy Monday! Grab your café and get your chisme on below:

- Yes, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling go through relationship drama just like the rest of us! Word is that the Drive actor is jealous of Eva’s ex-boyfriend, George Gargurevich. The Cuban actress dated the Peruvian filmmaker for eight years and apparently he still lived with her after the break-up, which caused major problemas with Ryan. A source revealed, "Ryan flipped out about it. George finally moved out, but now the two are going to be working together on their new home-accessories line, Vida. Ryan hates their constant communication and just wants it to end."

Well, there could be worse problems than being in a love triangle with two hot guys, no? [OK! Magazine]

- Don’t cry for Jennifer LopezArgentina. The “Dance Again” pop star suffered a back injury during her tour stop in the South American country. Some rumors also claimed that J.Lo got robbed during her stay, but apparently the items stolen belonged to some member of the production crew. Well, that sucks for them too!

J.Lo tweeted, “Got an xray this morning...all good...pulled back muscle. Coconuts getting too big to carry both at once. Awww... #timeflies.” We are sure an international tour, twins, and a younger boyfriend can be pretty tough on one’s body! Feel better J.Lo! [Fox News Latino]

Check out J.Lo talking about her back injury in the Argentinean entertainment show Soñando por cantar (Dreaming About Being a Singer) below: