EXCLUSIVE: Roselyn Sanchez Talks Raising Her Daughter as Bilingual & Having Another Baby!

Now that we’re talking about Eric, his new show “Witches of East End” is fantastic. Are you intimidated at all by all the kissing scenes he has with his co-star Jenna Dewan-Tatum?

The kissing scenes with Jenna have been relentless on the show! It seems like every single scene they are making out. [laughs] Really though, I can’t say anything because it’s also my profession. It would be so unfair for me to say anything because he could really give me a hard time about it too.

I had the chance to meet Jenna and she’s fantastic. To be honest, it could be difficult if, when I visit a set and meet a new co-star and they give you a weird vibe. This tends to be common amongst women, but Jenna was really nice. Plus, come on! She is married to one of the sexiest men in Hollywood so I don’t have anything to worry about!

We don’t think you did so bad yourself…..

Of course! [laughs] Mine is hotter!

Your Devious Maids co-star Dania Ramirez is going to be a mommy-of-two soon. Do you and Eric have any plans to give Sebella a sibling?

Hopefully soon! Maybe next year, God willing. I don’t know yet when it’s going to happen pero ya estoy vieja! So it has to be soon.