EXCLUSIVE: Roselyn Sanchez Talks Raising Her Daughter as Bilingual & Having Another Baby!

Your daughter Sebella is only going on 2-years-old, but has she shown interest in makeup yet?

She loves it! I always find her in my makeup case and she says, “Makeup! Makeup!” It’s a nightmare sometimes and I have to take the products away because when she grabs them, she likes to open everything and make a mess. But we have fun with it too. She makes this face with her lips pursed.

Just imagine when she’s old enough to try on your clothes and your heels!

She’s already trying! We went to this photo shoot like two months ago and she was with me. While the stylist was pulling out the clothes and organizing the looks, she was picking out the shoes to go with each dress. It was adorable!

You and your husband Eric Winter have a multicultural household. How do you two incorporate traditions from the Hispanic and American cultures into your family?

Bringing up Sebella, we always agreed she would be fully bilingual. We don’t want her to speak 90 percent English and 10 percent Spanish or vice versa. This little girl is going to speak both languages and without an accent because we feel this is extremely valuable in life.

Eric loves the Latin culture. I consider myself extremely lucky to have met someone who is American, but was exposed to our culture growing up. He lived in La Puente, a city in Los Angeles, California, that at the time was mostly Mexican. It’s so funny–he thinks he is Mexican!

He loves our culture and totally embraces it. He loves going to Puerto Rico and dancing salsa. He always says how he wants Sebella to be proud of her background. To be honest, I think he embraces the Latin culture more than I embrace his! [laughs]