Rosario Dawson is Ready for Another Arrest at the DNC

Rosario Dawson is Ready for Another Arrest at the Democratic National Convention

Rosario Dawson plans to shake things up at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

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During a Friar’s Club tribute honoring Tony Bennett, Dawson said to the Cut that she plans to protest during the DNC and is ready for another potential arrest.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah,” she told the Cut. “I am definitely going to the DNC, and I’ll definitely be protesting outside of the DNC.”

The Puerto Rican-Cuban actress said that she will be protesting “basically everything” including getting the corrupt election process, getting rid of super delegates, open primaries, and other issues backed by Bernie Sanders, who she strongly supports.

Of course, Dawson is no stranger to arrests. Back in April, she was handcuffed and taken away from the police during a Democracy Spring protest in Washington D.C..

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“It was very purposeful,”said Dawson about the D.C. protest. “I had been watching the arrests online, but I wasn’t seeing it anywhere in the media and it was like, That’s crazy. But [getting arrested] did really make an impact. It started to make noise, it started to make people pay attention.”