Say What Now? Romeo Santos on What He Hates About His Voice

Romeo Santos at Premios Juventud 2014
Getty Images

Romeo Santos may have won the hearts of millions of women around the world with his tantalizing lyrics and sultry voice. But if he were the judge, he wouldn't be his own biggest fan.

During an interview with The Huffington Post, the 33-year-old "Odio" singer got candid about how he personally feels about his vocal chords.

“I don’t enjoy hearing myself talk... I don’t like my voice and I don’t enjoy my singing voice, I do what I do to bring pleasure and diversion to the fans," Santos told The Huffington Post.

"It is something that people have mentioned to me, and I think that the difference between [when I’m] singing and talking is because when I sing, I try to sing with a feeling that I don’t have when I’m talking because I sound very hoarse. [Singing is] very organic to me.”

Having sold out both historic Yankee Stadium concerts, and with the chart-topping success of his latest solo album Formula Vol. 2, we're think it's safe to say that many hold an opposing viewpoint.

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