Romeo Admits He Is In Love & Addresses Rumors About Sexuality

Romeo Santos has admitted that he is currently in love during an exclusive interview on Don Francisco Presenta. When probed by host Don Francisco about why he has hidden his seven-year relationship, the 30-year-old former frontman of Aventura laughed and looked away at first. 

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“I’ve talked about my mother very openly, about my son, and all my loved ones, [because] this business doesn't affect my relationship with them,” he said in all seriousness. “[But] this business can affect a [romantic] relationship. This business can bring many negative consequences to that type of relationship. I have seen it.” Santos, who went solo earlier this year, added that he has never experienced a relationship crumbling in the spotlight because he has chosen to be very private about his love life.  Santos said he has dated women who have stressed that they do not want to become public figures.  “They deserve that respect—of me not showing them off,” he said. 

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Santos also touched upon rumors spread about him, especially when he ventured off for a solo career from Aventura. Since then, he's been accused of being arrogant and some have even said that the bachatero is gay. Santos took the opportunity to clear up rumors about his sexuality directly, which date back several years.  He said that he doesn’t want others to think he feels being gay is something negative—but he isn’t. “Not even bisexual—neither homosexual or bisexual,” he told the host.

To watch the whole interview, visit Don Francisco Presenta.