A-Rod Calls Madonna His "F--king Soulmate"

Notorious player Alex Rodriguez may have finally met his match in Madge. While the pop icon claims she had "no romantic involvement" with A-Rod, the New York Yankee clearly saw the relationship differently, a source tells Us Weekly. "She's my f--king soulmate, dude," Alex told a friend at a dinner party six months ago, after a series of text messages with the Material Girl left him looking lovesick. When the friend asked who was putting the smile on A-Rod's face, "he told me it was Madonna. I was totally shocked. I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't."

While Madonna was intent on keeping her distance (at least, emotionally) from the ball player, Alex was falling in love. "He kept smiling, acting like a little kid," the pal reveals.

Alex's feelings weren't only apparent to his friends. Even his wife Cynthia Rodriguez noticed his infatuation, and couldn't deny that her philandering husband had embarked on an "affair of the heart," as her divorce lawyer Earle Lilly described it. But, is Cynthia convinced her husband and Madonna were doing the dirty? "Without talking about specifics of sexual conduct, there's no question," her Lilly tells Us. "No one very often has pictures of the actual sex itself."

Looks like A-Rod got too clingy for Madonna's liking, as the pop star has made every attempt to distance herself from her boy toy since news of their alleged affair broke. Next time, maybe A-Rod will learn to play it cool...