A-Rod and Madonna Go House Hunting

Here's your daily A-Rod and Madonna news flash!

Today brings reports that the "still married, just not to each other" couple known as Madriguez recently went house hunting in the same 20-block radius, and an NYC real estate insider tells Page Six that it's not just a coincidence:

Madonna personally came to look at one house a couple of months ago, and Alex has been looking recently," the insider said. "We're talking about private, double-width mansions in the vicinity of $30 million to $60 million." Madge and A-Rod are also interested in scoring a house "with a garage that you can drive into for additional privacy - although those are rare and hard to come by," our spy added. Another source said they were also looking in the Hamptons.

The house hunting reportedly began long before the couple canoodled this past weekend in Mexico City and gazed at each other from a distance on Thanksgiving Eve in Miami--so it looks like their relationship has been hot and heavy for far longer than anyone cares to imagine.

Page Six also revealed that A-Rod is struggling to sell the Trump Park Avenue pad he shared with his ex, Cynthia, bumping the asking price down to $10million from $14 million. If no ones bites, the Yankee slugger is "willing" to rent it out for $50,000 a month.

Any takers? ... We didn't think so.