EXCLUSIVE: Rocsi Diaz on Why Latinos Should Vote for Obama

Television host Rocsi Diaz has been keeping herself busy since announcing she was leaving her post as co-host on BET's 106 & Park just last month. Since then, the Latina VJ is lending her influencial voice for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. Rocsi is encouraging young people - especially Latinos - to tap into the power of their vote and hit the polls this upcoming election. We spoke to Rocsi about why she decided to join the campaign, what she admires most about the President and more. Check it out below!

What inspired you to form part of Obama's re-election campaign?

"For me, it's several things. The immigration reform he is trying to pass is huge. He is also a big advocate for education - the revised Dream Act is obviously a giant leap for our community. Also as a woman it's important that he's trying to pass the ObamaCare bill and trying to make health insurance affordable for everyone."

What do you say to people that criticize his work during this term?

"You have to remember that he has been cleaning up some mess that someone else left behind! We are still recuperating from all of that. I think people need to forget sides and realize that he stands for most Americans, which is the middle class. They criticize him on the defecit and the economy, but the fail to mention the positive things he has done."

How do you think the GOP has been failing in reaching the Latino vote?

"They lost me at their primaries! The bickering they were going through made it feel like a telenovela for a minute (laughs). I think that their strategy does alienate many Latinos because they are targeting a certain percentage of the American people. Obviously one of their goals is reaching Latinos though because of the power of our vote, but I just don't feel like they properly touch on the issues that are important to us."

What do you want young Latinos to take away from your campaign?

"They have to register to vote! They can go to gottavote.org, which is a national organization that informs you on all of the information you need to hit the polls. You know, I would suggest that people study each party and grade them based on the issues that matter [to them]."