Rocco Ritchie Shows Love for A-Rod

Now this is just dirty. No doubt Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce battle is getting uglier by the second, but we didn't expect them to drag their kids into the mess.

The divorcing couple's son Rocco was spotted at New York's Chelsea Piers sports complex wearing a New York Yankees T-shirt, probably gifted to him by Madge's rumored-lover Alex Rodriguez earlier this summer.

Could Madge be sending a not-so-subtle message to her ex? Or is this a career-ending slip-up by an unobservant nanny? For the kids' sake, we hope it's the latter, but after Madonna's behavior at her Boston concert last week, during which she referred to  Guy as "emotionally retarded," we wouldn't be surprised if she was behind this.

What's really "emotionally retarded" is manipulating your kids to get back at your ex, Madge.