Daily Chisme: Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky Hook-Up at a Wedding!

Happy Friday! Celebrate the weekend early with our chisme edition below:

Roberto Martinez didn’t end up tying the knot with former fiancé Ali Fedotowsky, but that doesn’t mean the two are over each other. According to Us Weekly, the reality show exes reunited at the Bachelorette stars Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s wedding on December 1st in California.

Word is that Roberto and Ali hooked-up during the ceremony. The couple ended their 18-month engagement over a year ago. However, an insider told the publication that the former couple was “inseparable” during the wedding. But it doesn’t seem like either one is looking for the real thing. “Chances of them getting back together are slim, but they had a great time,” revealed the source.

Bueno, we all know our mami’s saying, “Where there was fire ashes remain.”

Would you ever hook-up with your ex at a wedding?