Robert Rodriguez Starts New Studio, Taking on 'Heavy Metal'

Robert Rodriguez spoke about his newest ventures recently during a panel at Comic-Con.  The Mexican-American director behind the Spy Kids franchise and Machete shared that he has acquired the rights to the R-rated cartoon anthology Heavy Metal, CBS News reports. 

Robert Rodriguez Is Walking Alexa Vega Down the Aisle

Rodriguez, who recently formed a new studio called Quick Draw Productions, said he has James Cameron and actor Zack Snyder on board with the project and Mexican director Guillermo del Toro is a possibility to direct the new film.  In a first for a big budget film, the 43-year-old director encouraged fans of the anthology to contribute “characters, worlds, and/or story ideas” to his studio via a special website.  The chosen concept will be added to the film as a final segment. 

Robert Rodriguez's Best Bad Girls

Rodriguez also shared a nugget of inspiration to those with talent and skill and encouraged them to collaborate with one another via social media.  “I built a studio in my garage that put out a number of movies," he told the panel’s audience.  “Today you can do it out of your bedroom.”