EXCLUSIVE: Robert Rodriguez Talks About His Love For Kickass Female Characters

Robert Rodriguez at Comic-Con
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Is there more than just your imagination behind the strong female characters you create? 

I grew up with five sisters and a very strong mother. They're all really strong. That's just my worldview -- seeing women as being very strong and empowered. There's no damsel in distress. They usually take care of business. I was working on a show recently where the girl got saved, and I rewrote that scene real quick. That would never happen. My sister would kick that guy's ass in two seconds. Even in a movie like Spy Kids, the more dominant sibling is the little girl (played by Alexa PenaVega.) She's the one who is the real caretaker of the family. 

Speaking of little girls, you have an eight-year-old daughter. Is she carrying on the strong family tradition? 

She's like the girls that I've grown up with. It must be in the blood. She is so tough and strong. People say, "Oh, it must be because she has four older brothers." No, she was like that. They're sweet as lambs. She is very headstrong, very determined, and very much a conqueror. She is a wonder to behold.

Sounds like she's a Rodriguez character in the making. If you could create a character for your daughter, what would she be like? 

[Laughs] She would be fantastic! She's done a bunch of little home movies with me. She's really amazing. I think we'd have a good time. I've worked with my kids before, and they always wants to make me proud. She could even play herself, because she is that amazing. 

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