10 Insanely Ridiculous Stock Photos Of Hot Guys

We plowed through the depths of the Internet to unearth the 10 most ridiculous stock photos of hot guys, ever. Take a look, have a laugh, be confused: 

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1. 7

Batman meets.... Christian Grey? Now we know what Bruce Wayne likes to do in his spare time. 

2. 1

This bearded gent got really overeager (read: confused) about making those pool cocktails you requested. 

3. 2

He sacrificed... his dignity for this stock photo. 

4. 3

Just a shirtless guy lugging a canister full of.... something. 

5. 4

"Oh, don't mind me. Just taking a dip in this spring." 

6. 5

Perfect for any occasion when you need a photo of a pensive gentleman in a Santa hat sitting on some crates and drinking some. Wait... that never happens.

7. 6

8. 8

Just a guy — catching some fish with his bare hands. 

9. 9

The only acceptable use for this stock photo? Stories about male strippers. 

10. 10

Giving someone a plaid shirt automatically makes them a lumberjack, didn't you know? We can't vouch for the safety of chopping shirtless, however.