Ricky Martin: "We're Born Gay"

Ricky Martin has taken a definitive stand in the nature vs. nurture debate.

"Everyone who's gay is born that way," Martin, 38, tells Batanga.com. "And that's their nature."

In the interview, Martin reveals that a few of his fans wrote him letters threatening to stop buying his music after he came out of the closet. "I want the world to understand that loving [someone of the same sex] is natural," said Ricky. "Society opposes this nature and that's where the problems start," he added. 

The Puerto Rican singer, also sat down with Billboard.com this week at his Miami home and revealed that a hate crime against a gay boy in Puerto Rico encouraged him to come out of the closet last year. "Several months before I pressed send, there was a hate crime in Puerto Rico against a gay boy. And at the time, if I had spoken out, people would have started conjecturing.," said Ricky.

"And one Friday, I called my manager and said, 'I'm doing this on Monday.' I spent the entire weekend drafting that letter. And when I sent it, I felt such a relief, such peace and joy. I thought, My God, had I known, I would have done this 10 years ago.

Martin says now that he's out, he wants to be a voice for the gay community. "Many people have come to me and said, 'Thanks for sharing." It's about opening the doors to diversity in general and accepting that everybody is different.