Ricky Martin Wants to Sing Love Songs about Men

Ricky Martin rose to fame singing love songs about women, like “She Bangs,” and “She’s All I Ever Had,” but the openly gay singer tells Tvynovelas.com that for his next album, he’s planning to sing love songs about men.

"Why not?" quips the singer, 38, who says that his latest album, Música+Alma+Sexo is “very open” and marks the beginning of his artist journey as a gay man.

Ricky says he doesn't think he'll be criticized if he substitutes the word "her" for "him" in his music and he acknowledges that gay men are a part of his audience. Still, just because he's signing about men, that doesn't mean that the hip-shaking artist is going to stop dancing with women at his concerts. “Just because I’m gay that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy dancing with women,” declared Martin.

He adds that he has no problem whatsoever with people talking about his sexuality. "I'm fine as long as people are talking about sex," he jokes. “Life without sex is like drinking coffee without sugar.”

The singer—who admits he lost followers after coming out—says it's OK because his twins Matteo and Valentino are his two most adoring fans. "Every day they teach me different things," the pop star, 39, tells Parade of his boys. "The love is there. When you have a 2-year-old saying every other hour, 'Papi, te amo. Papi, I love you.' it can't get better."