Ricky Martin Takes to Twitter to Ask for Help

We’ve told you how Ricky Martin often uses his fame to bring awareness to important issues via social media. This week, the Boricua superstar took to Twitter to ask his Puerto Rican fans to petition members of his native island’s House of Representatives.

The reason?

To try to approve Senate Bill 238, which would end legal discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“My people, I ask that you go to the following Facebook pages and ask these representatives of to support PS238….” read part of Martin’s tweet, along with the names of select representatives: Brenda López de Arrarás, Victor 'Cacho' Vassallo, Armando Franco, Efraín De Jesus, and César Hernández.

Earlier that morning, 41-year-old Martin tweeted in Spanish: “Extraño mi isla [I miss my island.”