Ricky Martin's Dancer Facing Charges in Domestic Abuse Case With Pitbull's Dancer

Ricky Martin's Dancer Facing Charges in Domestic Abuse Case With Pitbull's Dancer

One of Ricky Martin's backup dancers has landed in some serious trouble.

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According to People, Sherhan Rodriguez is facing domestic violence charges after allegedly attacking his girlfriend on November 26, 2015. Rodriguez was dating one of Pitbull's dancers, Magdielle Bracoviche, when things took a terrible turn. People reports that Martin's backup dancer became "enraged" after coming across several pictures and text messages in Bracoviche's cell phone. This is when Rodriguez then allegedly began slapping Bracoviche numerous times as she was driving. He struck her again, this time even harder, nearly causing her to crash.

Surveillance video obtained shows that after getting out of his girlfriend's car, Rodriguez began chasing the vehicle and then jumped back in through the passenger window. Sources tell the magazine that Rodriguez and Bracoviche's on again, off again relationship was "tumultuous." And according to the male dancer's attorney, Jose Baez, it was Rodriguez whom was actually usually the victim of physical abuse at the hands of Bracoviche.

"The November 26 incident was not the first time that things had gotten physical," Baez told People. "Ms. Bracoviche has hit my client many times before. She was often the aggressor; that was the nature of their relationship."

Bracoviche's lawyer, on the other hand, says that is untrue.

"The relationship, which is over, definitely had its challenges," Bracoviche's attorney, Alex Strassman, said in a statement. "But nothing ever happened that approached the violence of November 26, 2015. That's when Mr. Rodriguez struck my client."

SandraRose.com reports that Rodriguez has been ordered to stay away from Bracoviche for one year.

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Neither Pitbull or Martin have commented on the incident. Trial for the case is expected to begin later this year.

Sherhan Rodriguez pictured above