Ricky Martin: "I'm Not Getting Married"

Ricky Martin definitively quashed recent rumors that he may be looking to marry his longtime boyfriend Carlos González.

"We don't talk about marriage in my house," declared the Puerto Rican pop star while talking to Mexican press during his promotional tour for his new album Música+Alma+Sexo. "I'm not getting married, we're doing just fine the way that we are, we've been together for three years."

When asked how he planned to explain his non-traditional family to his twins Mateo and Valentino when they are old enough to ask questions, Martin, 38, said, "I'm going to emphasize that there are many different kinds of family and I'll make sure that there is never anything around them that could possibly cause bad self-esteem."

But the proud papa does admit that he feels guilty at times about working so much and being away from home. "Every time I'm away from them I have a terribly guilty conscious," Martin says. "My mother told me that I will eventually learn to live with it, just like every other parent."

Ricky sounds like such a great papi! But we have to admit, we'd love to see him get married.