Ricky Martin Denies Marriage Rumors & Plans to Expand Children’s Aid Centers

Ricky Martin has denied rumors that he would marry his longtime boyfriend Carlos González in Argentina. 

“I can clear up that this isn’t true,” the 38-year-old Puerto-Rican singer told People en Espanol.  “We are very good the way we are.” 

Martin, who is the father of 2 year old twins Mateo and Valentino, added that when he does marry, everyone will know! The singer was in Buenos Aires with González and his two sons and  will continue his concert tour in Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Finland next. 

Martin also has plans on expanding the construction of his foundation’s Child Development and Prevention Centers throughout Latin America.  According to the Latin American Herald, Martin said that his first center is expected to be completed in Loiza, Puerto Rico next year. It will care for children from infancy to those who are in high school and is the first step of a project that will spread throughout the small island and to countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America. 

“We need to and we want to make a difference for the children and young people of Loiza,” he said.  “We will be there to give them support and the tools they need to guarantee them a better future.”