Ricky Martin and Matthew Morrison to Have an Español-Off on 'Glee!'

It turns out there will be an “Español-Off” between Glee guest star Ricky Martin and Matthew Morrison in the upcoming episode featuring the Puerto Rican music idol.

Ricky Martin to Guest Star on ‘Glee’!

Morrison shared with The Hollywood Reporter that Martin’s character inspires him to do a Latin Week with the glee club. “The kids end up loving him as a teacher so I have to have an Español-off to regain my Spanish teacher pride,” Morrison said.

He also dished, “my Spanish teaching skills have come into question so I take night school and Ricky Martin’s teaching me Spanish.”

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As far as who wins this Español-off, Morrison revealed, “Will is successful. Ricky Martin is very successful as well, so we both win.”

We can’t wait to see this new episode! Glee returns with new episodes Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. (EST) on FOX.