Reporter Says Camila Cabello Should Ditch Her Spanish Last Name Because It's Too Difficult

Latinxs of the Internet are dragging Erin Lim, the host of E! News’ Snapchat segment called “The Rundown,” for suggesting Camila Cabello should drop her last name because it's too difficult for people (read: her) to pronounce.

Lim’s advice isn’t new. For decades, Latinx stars were forced to Anglicize their names to be accepted by Hollywood and reach a larger audience, but with megastars like Jennifer Lopez, John Leguizamo and Selena Gomez, among so many others, as household names – and it being 2017 – we didn’t think we’d hear such a racist, and unnecessary, proposal from a major news outlet, especially from their part-Mexican, part-Asian host.

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While Lim, whose entertainment series often incorporates humor, probably saw the recommendation as a joke, no one was laughing.

Here’s how some Twitter users responded.











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