Rene Perez of Calle 13 is Shakira's Pique for a Night

When Calle 13 front man Rene Perez, 33, joined Colombian singer Shakira at her performance in San Juan over the weekend for the close of her Sale El Sol tour, the Puerto Rican rapper decided to make a little joke.

Shakira and Gerard Pique Are Just Fine – Thanks!

Perez, who is known for writing political or social messages on his body, decided to make a different kind of statement at this concert, writing “Hoy Soy Tu Piqué“ or “Today I am your Piqué” on his back. It was an obvious poke at 34 year-old Shakira's highly publicized romance with 24 year-old Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué. Who says celebrities can’t have a little fun?

Rumors of a break up plagued the pop star and her FC Barcelona boyfriend for weeks after they weren't photographed together for over a month, but Shakira managed to shut the naysayers up with a simple tweet ahead of a soccer game: “Good luck to the Spanish team this week and to my number 3, muah! @3gerardpique.”