Reese Witherspoon's Not Alone: 11 Latino Stars Who Have Been Arrested!

Reese Witherspoon is now famous for the tag line, “Do you know my name?” That’s what the actress asked a police officer when she was arrested on Friday night in Atlanta. She was charged with disorderly conduct and her husband, Jim Toth, was taken in for driving under the influence. The Oscar-winning star released a statement saying she was “deeply embarrassed” by her actions. Good call, Reese. Here are 11 Latino celebrities who have been arrested.

1. Arrests: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Busted for: Cocaine use, domestic violence

A seemingly perennial violence-prone bad boy, in 1995, he was charged with misdemeanor battery for physical abuse to a former girlfriend. 1998, he was arrested after overdosing on cocaine (he later admitted that he was trying to inject it). In December 2009, he was charged with domestic abuse after waving a knife at ex-wife Brooke Mueller. His sentence: rehab and an anger management course.

2. Arrest: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

Busted for: Heroin possession, DUI

She may be the picture of Earth mother now, but Richie had plenty of wild times. In 2003, she was charged with heroin possession—while driving with a suspended license. Three years later, she flunked a sobriety test after cops pulled her over for driving the wrong way on a freeway, scoring a DUI (she later admitted to using marijuana and Vicodin before the incident). She’s since gone to rehab and attended anti-drinking driving classes and her probation was terminated in December.

3. Arrests: Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera

Busted for: Undeclared cash, assault

Wire transfers? Forget that. In May 2009, Rivera decided to take a luggage full of cash—$50,000—on a plane with her. The problem: Airport workers discovered the greenbacks and the Mexican diva was arrested for going over the limit of $10,000 when carrying cash into the U.S. But the singer, who has gotten into it with fans at concerts (she recently poured beer on a particularly annoying concertgoer), was charged with assault in 2008 when she asked a rowdy male fan onstage and started hitting him. 

4. Arrests: Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Busted for: Assault, DUI,

The feisty actress has a considerable rap sheet that includes a 2002 assault arrest for fighting with her roommate, eight misdemeanor counts in 2003 related to a hit and run and DUI and driving with a suspended license. Apparently unfazed, after several speeding tickets in Hawaii, she was arrested for DUI in 2005, and was sentenced to jail time, though she was released the same day she entered because of overcrowding. She was sentenced again to jail time in 2007 after violating her probabion by not completing her community service and alcohol program. She did 18 days in jail. 

5. Arrests: Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen

Busted for: Trespassing

A dyed-in-the-wool lefty (though a pro-life Catholic), Sheen’s been arrested 66 times by his own count for his participation in scores of protests, including one at the Navada Test Site where nuclear devices are tested.

6. Arrests: Ricardo Chavira

Ricardo Chavira

Busted for: DUI

The Desperate Housewives actor was pulled over for a routine traffic stop early morning on May 3. Cops say they smelled alcohol on his breath. He refused to take a blood or breath test but was given other sobriety tests and officers arrested him on suspicion of DUI.

7. Arrests: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Busted for: Cocaine possesion

The Puerto Rican-Filipino singer-songwriter born Peter Hernandez was popped for having a baggie filled with 2.6 grams of coke when found by a security guard at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Café & Casino. He faces felony charges.

8. Arrests: Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Busted for: marijuana possession

The Grammy award winning singer-guitarist was busted with five grams of weed after arriving from Mexico. The lifelong toker saw no jail time but paid a fine.

9. Arrests: Don Omar

Don Omar

Busted for: marijuana possession

The boricua reggaeton star allegedly was caught smoking a joint in a white Hummer, along with friends. This one joint actually cost him a trial, complete with jury. The charges were dropped after DNA tests on the cigarette were inconclusive.

10. Arrests: Jessica Sierra

Jessica Sierra

Busted for: Assault and possession of cocaine, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest

Sierra, of American Idol fame, was arrested after throwing a glass at a bar patron in Tampa. During her arrest, cops found cocaine in her purse, leading to the drug charge. She was sentenced to a year probation, but then two weeks later, she was once again busted for disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest without violence and probation violation. She also allegedly offered sexual favors to one of the officers—before throwing up all inside the car. 

11. Arrests: Qorianka Kilcher

Q’Orianka Kilcher

Busted for: Disorderly conduct

The A New World actress tied herself to a section of the White House fence while her mother poured black liquid over her. Kilcher, whose father is a Peruvian Indian, and her mother, were protesting a visit by the Peruvian president Alan Garcia.