RedOne on J.Lo’s Upcoming Album: “Latin Flavor is Infused in It”

At last Sunday’s Grammy Awards, music producer RedOne — who worked on J.Lo’s upcoming, Love? (out March 29th)—dished on what we can expect when the album drops next month.

“It is all about love and covers all emotional sides of Jennifer. She is in a good place,” explained RedOne.  “A little bit of the Latin flavor is infused in it, but I would describe it more as a global sound,” he added. 

The music producer said the single “On the Floor," which features Pitbull, is just a teaser for the album. “ 'On the Floor' is already blowing up and the rest is even better," he dished. "Lots of dance songs.”

RedOne says J.lo’s upcoming album won't get in the way of her new gig as an American Idol judge.  “Most of the album was done before she started Idol so I don’t think that will influence her sound. But I think it has probably been a great experience for her to be reminded what it is like to just be starting out and to be excited when everything is new," he said. "She is an icon because she had a dream and a passion and then she worked really hard to attain it. But I think she was the perfect choice for a new judge. She knows what it takes to make it.” 

And speaking of making it, a source tells that contrary to reports in the London tabloids, Simon Cowell is not upset with Jennifer Lopez for signing on as a judge on American Idol instead of his new show, X Factor. “[Jennifer] wanted to do X Factor because it was a new show with a potentially younger audience, but she was independently also in talks with American Idol at the same time,” said the source. “When Simon found that out, X Factor immediately pulled out of the negotiations."