5 Reasons Why We Think Bella Thorne is Lying About Her Age!

It’s very strange to think that Bella Thorne is only 15. With her list of accomplishments (singer, actress, dancer and now author!) and her maturity and grace on the red carpet, the estrella appears much older than someone born in 1997. Here are our reasons why we think the young star might be fibbing!

1. Bella Thorne Age: Wise

She’s Wise Beyond Her Years

Whether giving an interview, talking about overcoming dyslexia, or giving advice to her fans via Twitter, Bella Thorne seems to have an old soul. Most recently, she supported the Candie’s Foundation initiative to spread the word on teen pregnancy, with tons of tweets aimed at her fans with the same message: that teens should wait to become parents (and do everything they can to prevent it). We’re trying to think of the advice we gave as 15 year olds… we have a feeling it isn’t even quotable.

2. Bella Thorne Age: Stunning

She’s Stunning

One look at Bella and you’re apt to forget she’s just old enough to be a freshman in high school. (No braces? Really?) And thanks to her day job, she knows how to apply makeup like a pro – not like our glitter eyeshadow and way-too-light foundation debacles of our early youth. 

3. Bella Thorne Age: Fashion

She’s Not Fashionably Awkward

Remember what you looked like back in your early teens? Those outfits were terrible. (But we thought we looked amazing.) We have a hard time believing that Bella will be looking back at her fashion choices with regret. (Side note: can we steal her wardrobe? Yes, we are asking as fully-grown adults.)

4. Bella Thorne Age: Love

She’s Adorably (Not Annoyingly) In Love

Watching teens in love is like a bad episode of reality TV. But not with Bella. She’s been dating her boyfriend Tristan Klier for more than a year and a half, which is a long time for adult dating standards, not to mention teens. We’re not even sure we can classify this as “puppy love,” considering the length of their relationship alone. And while they don’t hide their relationship at all (they tweet sweet messages to each other and hang out publicly often), they also seem to keep things special between them. Cue the “awwws!” 

5. Bella Thorne Age: Accomplished

She’s Accomplished

Not only is she an actress (who is currently filming with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler for a new movie), she’s an accomplished dancer (showing off her skills on her show Gotta Shake It Up!), singer (who will be releasing her debut album very soon), and now – aspiring Young Adult author! And this is all before she turns sweet sixteen. (BRB, crying.)